Reporting a Photo on Flickr for Abuse

Occasionally you will encounter something that you find offensive and will want to report a Flickr photo for abuse. Flickr has made it very easy to report abuse for an individual photo.

Step 1 - Verify the Photo Violates Terms of Use

Before reporting abuse, verify that the photo violates the Terms of Use. If the photo is not in violation of the terms, you can request the publisher remove or modify it, but Flickr will not require the picture be removed. While this step is not mandatory, it may save you some time.

Step 2 - Report Abuse

At the bottom of every page is a link to "Report Abuse." Click this link on the bottom of the page of the picture that you wish to report. This will send an email to Flickr staff flagging the photo. You will need to provide information on the abuse you saw so that the staff will be aware of what to look for when they review the picture.

Once the Flickr staff have reviewed the picture, they will take any necessary actions to rectify the problem. They will also review other pictures and slides presented under the reported abuser's account.

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