Private Facebook Photo Albums: Tagged Photo Viewability

By default, every Facebook photo you upload is organized into an album. Users have the option of controlling who can see their albums. whether a select list of people to everyone on the Internet. Users also have the option of tagging other Facebook members in their photos to create a link between the photo and the tagged person's profile. But what happens to your tags when the privacy settings on an album are altered? 

Default photo privacy settings on Facebook are usually limited to Friends of Friends. This means that thousands of people can potentially view your photos depending on how many friends you have. If that setting is changed to Everyone, than anyone on the Internet can see your stuff. Fortunately Facebook also allows you to make your albums private, limiting who can see them. So how do you control who can view your albums?

Step 1: Go to Your Photos

Log into Facebook and access your profile from the homepage. Click on the Photos tab in your profile.

Step 2: Access Your Albums' Privacy Settings

As you look at your Photos Page you'll see that thumbnails of the photos you're tagged in takes up the majority of the page's space. Scroll down to the bottom on the page and you'll be able to see your albums. Right above the thumbnails of your album covers is a link for 'Album Privacy'.

Step 3: Change the Settings

You will see the cover for every album you've created with the privacy setting options above it.  The options range from everyone on the internet to a select list of people. You can even change the settings so that most people on Facebook can see your albums except for a select list of people. Any privacy option you could think of is available on Facebook, you just need to set it.

Tagged Private Photos

So what happens if you were tagged in an album that has just become private? In this case, your photo is dependent on the settings of the album so even though you've been tagged you might not be able to see the photo anymore.

Making Tagged Photos Private

It could be an embarrassing photo you don't want anyone else to see that someone else uploaded. You could either remove the tag next to your name or you can alter the privacy settings on your tagged photos as a whole.

Log into Facebook and go to your privacy settings. From there you will find the option to alter the settings on 'Photos Tagged of Me'. Customize them to your liking.

Facebook is a great place to share your life with the world and fortunately it allows you the options to control who you share with.

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