Printing Poladroid Photos

Poladroid is a free software program. It is a fun way to take images that you have that are in *.jpeg, *.png or *.tiff files and turns them into Polaroid (registered trademark) pictures, complete with the resulting white edge that the old Polaroid prints were famous for.

The program allows you to upload images from your computer's hard drive, and by dropping them in to the program icon, create a Poladroid image that can be uploaded into your social networking and photo sharing accounts, as well as printed. The process for printing Poladroid photos is exactly the same process for printing any *.jpeg image on your computer. This article will discuss the general process for creating, saving and printing your Poladroid creations as a result of downloading and using this program.

1. Creating Poladroid Images from Your Photos

The first part of the process for printing your Poladroid images is to create them using the software. The program is free to download and use on your computer for unlimited, personal use (although it is suggested that you make a small donation for the continued development of the software). Once downloaded, open the program icon for Poladorid. It is easy to locate because it looks exactly like a Polaroid camera. Click on the icon, which will result in a larger camera icon appearing on screen.

The tongue of the camera will instruct you drag and drop your image. Drop in any *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.tiff or *.png image that you wish to have Poladroid work with. Once this is done, you have completed the process for creating a Poladroid image. The software does all of the work, clicking the image and creating a *.jpeg file that will appear on screen. You can watch the picture develop (like you did with a Polaroid picture).

2. Saving the Poladroid Image on Your Computer

The resulting image that appears on your computer, once it has developed, will be saved to the destination hard drive where the original image came from. You need to make note of this destination location in order to locate the image. The image will be identified as an "IMG" *.jpeg file, so if you are unable to locate the destination folder, simply search your hard drive for recently created image files. It may be easier to create a new destination folder for your Poladroid images and drop and drag them into the folder instead of having them in different destination folders.

3. Printing Your Poladroid Images

Now that you have created and saved your Poladroid images, you need to access them to print. Open up any photo editing or viewing program that comes standard with your computer and open the file that was created by Poladroid. Choose the destination printer that you want the image to be printed on and press OK. This will send your command to the printer, and within minutes, produce the output that you want for personal or commercial use.

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