Posting Other Users' Flickr Photos to Tumblr

Posting other users' Flickr photos onto your Tumblr blog is possible and legal. Here are a few ways to do it as well as the legal requirements of doing so.

HTML Links

Tumblr users can add pictures directly from Flickr onto Tumblr without having to download anything. Click on a Flickr photo and choose "all sizes." Then take the first box of html code and copy it into Tumblr. When your blog is viewed the photo will be displayed. If the viewer clicks on the photo, they are taken to the Flickr page where the image is hosted. There is no way around this because it is part of the deal you have with Flickr for letting them host your images.

Download the Image

If you don't want to use the HTML option, you can download the image from Flickr and add it into your blog. To do this, first create a folder on your computer hard drive to store the images taken off of Flickr. Then find the images you wish to use from Flickr and right click (control click) and choose to download the image into its destination folder. 

You can then repost the image on Tumblr directly from your hard drive. 

Is This Legal?

You may have your doubts about posting other people's Flickr images on your blog. After all, you probably wouldn't want to see your photos on someone else's website. There are some photos on Flickr that you can repost and alter as long as you give the original author credit. These images are licensed to you under a Creative Commons agreement. Creative commons allow users to share their work with others while retaining ownership. 

You can search through images on Flickr by the Creative Commons licenses. This insures that you are allowed to repost the image as long as you follow some basic rules. All of the images can be reposted as long as credit is given to the author. Some of these images can be altered and reposted and some of them can be used for commercial purposes. It will specifically state if you are prohibited from doing those. 

If you find a photo you really like and want to post in Tumblr that does not have a creative commons license then you should contact the author directly to ask for permission. All photos uploaded in Flickr state who the uploader was, making it easy to track them down for a response.

You should not repost someone else's images with out permission as it is legally and morally wrong. And always remember to give credit where credit is due.

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