Posting a 365 Project on Flickr

Flickr's 365 Project seeks to capture every day of a person's life, one photo at a time and one day at a time. Doing this will help photographers on a certain day of the year simply by pulling up their photos on Flickr. All photographers need to create a Project 365 is a camera, a Flickr account and a reminder to take a picture a day.

Step 1: Documenting a Single Life

  • Taking a picture every day can be a daunting task, but it can be very rewarding. First of all, simply practicing photography on a daily basis will improve a person's photographic skills. They'll get to know their camera intimately and what its capabilities and limitations are. Further, every day of a year or multiple years will be documented. There will be no more wondering what was done on a particular day in a year. Instead, the photographer can just pull up the image for that day. Everything will be documented - haircuts, fall days, first walks and travels.   

Step 2: How to Start on the 365 Project

First of all, take the camera everywhere. This will ensure that a picture is taken that day and it will increase the chances that something interesting will be caught. For example, if a person is out with their friends at a bar, they can capture that first meetings or even embarrassing moments that may not even be remembered the next day.

While the goal of this project is to tell a story, it should not be the same story every day. Photographers should not always take pictures of themselves. Take pictures of friends, new people, scenery, festivals, etc. But, photographers should always take at least one picture of themselves.

Step 3: How to Post the Project to Flickr

Before posting to Flickr, be sure to create an account and fill out the profile information. For this project, the pictures will have to be public. But, most other things that are posted to Flickr can be set to private if photographers do not want to share their pictures with the world.

When ready, Flickr's Project 365 can be found here: But, before a photographer randomly starts posting photos, they need to follow the rules for this program.

Flickr only allows one photo to be posted to represent a single day. So, photographers should wade through their photos and find the photo that best represents that day.

Users may post backlogs to this group, but it too should reflect the first rule. Basically, for past days, there still can only be one picture per day. Further, members can only upload three photos per day regardless of whether or not they are backlog pictures.

Be sure to give the photos a good description and name. This will further help tell the story that is trying to be conveyed. It will also help users remember a bit more about the event or day.