Picnik vs. Photobucket Editor

There are many online photo sharing and editing sites nowadays, but one which has caught much attention recently is Picnik. With a tagline that says "Photo editing made fun", Picnik is primarily an image enhancement site that is open both for free and paid members. The best part about this is you don't even have to register to be able to use their service. You can simply upload, tweak, and save your pictures in a matter of minutes.

Picnik is a new player, whereas Photobucket has been around for several years now and is still the photo sharing site of choice by most users. Recently, the popular online photo sharing site came up with Photobucket editor, a service that allows you to edit your pictures online. Let's take a look at how these two online image editing tools match up against each other.

Basic Image Editing

Both Picnik and Photobucket have basic image editing tools. In both sites, you can auto-correct your pictures, crop them, resize them and change their dimensions. You can also rotate and flip the photos, and adjust the brightness and contrast, the hue and saturation, and the exposure. Both also have a red eye reduction feature. However, in Picnik, there is an Advanced setting for Exposure, which allows you to adjust Highlights and Shadows. Another plus for Picnik is its Neutral Picker under the Colors tab. This acts as a white balance adjustment for your images.


Both Picnik and Photobucket have an extensive library of effects that you can apply to your pictures, ranging from mood change to quirky. You can turn your pictures into Sepia, Black and White, put in some Film Grain and more. Picnik has more effects for enhancement and style change. Here, you can turn your photo into a Lomo image, a Cinescope one, and more. There are select effects though that are available only to premium members. The same goes for Photobucket, which has exclusive content for paid members. For free members, they can add many interesting and kitschy effects such as Pop Art, Cartoon and Fresco.


In both tools, you can add text, frames, stickers and talk balloons. Both have very versatile text editors with a sizable font library and color adjustment. Photobucket is a step ahead with their offering of Glitter Text and Animated Stickers. You can have glittering words on your image, plus flying butterflies, twinkling stars and more. In Picnik, though, you can find more interesting and modern stickers to add to your pictures. There are funny faces, holiday icons, and drawings of different art styles. Most of the holiday icons are available only to premium members though. 

Extensive Editing

This is where Photobucket has its edge over Picnik, as it caters to more serious image editors. In Picnik, you can make sure that your edited picture is fun, cute and colorful. In Photobucket, you can do so much more enhancement and manipulation. In the Geek tab of the editing tool, you can cut out and isolate certain areas of your image, re-color and more. You can also smooth out wrinkles here and remove blemishes. 

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