Picnik Internet Explorer Extension

Picnik is one of the most popular photo and image editing packages available on the Internet. This is an Internet based piece of software which makes it possible to edit any of the images you find on the Internet. It also links in very nicely with many social networking sites including Myspace, Facebook and Yahoo! Image hosting.

What Is the Picnic Extension?

Picnik extensions are available for a wide range of different browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at the Internet explorer extension which can be used to make using Picnik even simpler in Internet Explorer.

Installing Internet Explorer Picnik Extension

The Picnik Internet Explorer extension can be downloaded directly from the Picnik website. It's available for free and is compatible with any version of Internet Explorer above IE6. It's simply a matter of clicking the download link on that page for Internet Explorer and then either saving the download or running it. Allow the program to run and this will automatically install the extensions. You will then need to restart Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.

Using the Extension

Once the extension is installed, using it couldn't be easier. Right click on any image you find anywhere on the Internet, and you will see a new option to edit the photo in Picnik.

There is also a Picnik Bookmarklet, which can be added to your browser and make editing any image--no matter where it is stored--very simple and easy.

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