Picnik Firefox Extension

Picnik is a very well known and popular online image editing application. Picnik can be used to annotate, edit and share photos online with ease. The software is capable of loading photos from lots of different social networking sites including MySpace, Yahoo! Image Hosting, Picassa and Facebook.

Using facebook is very easy, but if you use Firefox, then it's possible to make it even easier by installing Firefox extensions for Picnik. These extensions will simplify the process of capturing digital images and photos off the Internet.

Why Use Picnik Firefox Extensions?

When you install the Picnik Firefox extension, it will install an extra menu for when you right click the images on various websites. This menu will allow you to easily load the images into Picnik so they can be edited easily. By selecting the options, it's possible to pull one or all the images off a webpage into Picnik for editing, annotating and sharing.

For anyone using Firefox 2 or 3, they will also be able to take a screen shot of their browser and load it directly into Picnik using the extensions menu.

Installing Picnik Firefox Extensions

It's very easy to install Firefox extensions for Picnik as this is part of the Add-ons for firefox library. It's a free extension which can be downloaded directly from the Firefox website. Once it is installed, you can start editing images and websites right away.

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