Picnik Chrome Extension

Picnik is a useful online image editing application which can be used to make a variety of changes to digital images. It is capable of importing photos from several social networking sites including MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo! Image Hosting and Picassa. Using Picnic is very easy and can be made even easier by installing an extension for your browser. The Picnik Chrome extension can be used to simplify the use of the software.

Picnik is designed to make photo editing enjoyable and great fun. With a bit of practice, anyone will be able to use Picnik to edit their photos.

Benefits of Chrome Extension

The Picnic Google Chrome extension makes editing photos on the Internet very simple. When browsing the Internet, if you find any photos that you want to edit, you can click them to open them in Picnik. It's also possible to open all of the images on the current webpage in Picnik if required.

Selecting Images

A dynamic hot list is generated automatically whenever you visit a webpage. This makes selecting the image that you want to load for editing very easy. Click to open the hot list, and then choose the image that you want to open. The images can then be edited, annotated and shared with the online community. 

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