PicArtia: Create a Photo Mosaic Online

PicArtia is  a free browser based photo editing program that allows you to create a photo mosaic or collages to use on websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Bebo and Picasa. It takes 3 steps to use PicArtia in order to create your mosaic art using images that are available on your computer's hard drive or that are available online in your photo sharing sites.

Using PicArtia Online Mosaic Creator

Using PicArtia requires you to have a computer with Internet access in order to go to the PicArtia website to create your photo mosaic. At the website, you can upload your photos in order to begin the creation of your mosaic. Select from a gallery of pictures that are available from the destination drive or website. The more colors that are available in the photo or photos that you select, the more brilliant the resulting mosaic design will be. Once the picture has been selected, the software does all of the work in creating the pattern. You will need to enter an email address in order to receive a link to the mosaic creation.

You have the ability to order high quality prints from PicArtia or the resulting mosaic design for a cost of $3 per print.

Choosing a PicArtia Master Template

PicArtia works best with *.jpg images. When you go to the website, the interface that you see will prompt you first to select a gallery in which the mosaic will be created. The gallery templates that are available include cars, birds and insects, food, places and other interests. This will serve as the master for the resulting mosaic created by PicArtia.

Selecting a PicArtia Gallery Master

Once you select the mastery, you will be able to sort through different galleries in which you can upload and design with the master. The galleries are both those created by other users or a gallery of photos that are available on your computer.

Uploading Photos to PicArtia

Select the gallery that you want and go to the photo that you want to create the photo mosaic from. You can choose from 1 or all of the photos in your gallery and once selected, click ok and allow the program to do its work. At the prompt for your email, enter a valid destination and PicArtia will send you the link that you can add to your MySpace or Facebook page as well as other photo sharing accounts that you maintain online.

PicArtia uses FLASH technology in the creation of your design. If you zoom on the resulting image that is created by the software, you will see that the individual pixels that make up the design pattern come from the many images that you selected from your gallery. Pixelized by the FLASH technology results in a new image that is a more artistic representation of the base image used for the design.

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