Photo Reflect: Finding a Professional Photographer

Photo Reflect is a website which allows professional photographers to upload and sell their images online. Photographers can create their own online store with the site which displays their work and portfolio and allows them to create their own prices. Clients are assured that the photographers they are hiring are professionals and that all transactions are safe.

Importance of the Service

When searching for professional photographers, PhotoReflect often ranks near the top of the list.

The website has over 35,000 photographers and growing. There are over 120 different styles to choose from, giving consumers a wide variety of choices for their photographs. The website also features its own search engine. This feature is convenient for consumers as it allows them to search for photographers within a specific zip code or state. The site is currently dominated by photographers from the USA as the website has specific requirements in terms of the software and lab used to develop the images. This ensures that the prints consumers will be receiving are of consistent high quality and guaranteed to last at least 100 years.

How Photographers are Ranked

The website features its own search engine which allows consumers to look for photographers based in a specific location. Results can be listed according to the photographer’s name, their location or according to the website’s ranking. Photographers are ranked using a complex set of factors including an updated profile, storefront, portfolio and use of Google Adwords. This is different from other sites which may rank photographers according to popularity or having the most number of photographs sold within a specific amount of time.