Photo Animation on Blibs

The Blibs photo editor is an online, full-feature photo editing software. The Blibs editor is browser-based which means that you will have to have a working Internet connection to access the software. Besides the common photo editing features, the Blibs photo editor offers a large number of photo animation effects. You can upload a photo, add some basic photo enhancements, and actually create a slide show or add a moving animation to your photo quickly and easily. The process will be intuitive to most average computer users, however, if you need some extra help, there is an active forum available directly from the website that will offer direction and answers to questions.

Getting to the Blibs Animation Tab

In order to access the Blibs animation tools, you will have to have Internet access. Once you have opened your Internet browser, you will need to enter the web address for Blibs. Enter Once you arrive at the homepage, you will have to upload your photos. allows you to upload your photos from either your computer, the Internet or a number of photo sharing and photo searching services.

Once you have uploaded your photos, you can click on the Animation tab in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Here is where you can explore all of the animation effects available through the Blibs photo editor.

Working with Multiple Photos

The first few features under the Animation tab are going to be for more than one photo. Here is where you can create slideshows, merge photos, and create transitions and frames. Before you can work with these features, you need to have more than one photo uploaded.

Adding Animated Effects

If you aren't planning on working with more than one photo, you can add a large number of animated effects to your photo with a click or two of your mouse. Once your photo is uploaded and in the Blibs work space, you can add effects such as lightning, floating hearts, burning fire, and even the look of an old Hollywood movie. There are many more animated effects that can be added to your photo. Simply scroll down the Animation tab inside of the Blibs photo editor.

Removing Undesirable Changes

It is practically inevitable that you will add some effects or make some changes to your picture that you just don't want to keep. The Blibs photo editor makes the removal of these photo manipulations very easy. You can use the undo button located inside of the photo editor and you can even jump back to the beginning of your session. The Blibs photo editor keeps a record of all of the changes that you have made to your photo. If you scroll to the bottom of the work space, you will see all of your photos in reverse chronological order.

There you have it. The Blibs photo editor is a powerful tool that allows you to create professional quality animations for your photo collection.   

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