Online Photo Editing: Mypictr

Mipictr is a popular online photo editing application which can be used to edit and create photographs for social networking sites. Getting the perfect picture to post on your social networking site can be difficult. This application makes the whole process much easier.

What Is It?

MyPictr is a unique photo editing application which is hosted on the Internet. The advantage of this software is that it can be used to create a profile photograph for whichever social networking site you are currently using.

Social Networking

Every social networking site requires a different sized photograph. This makes things more complicated because you need dozens of different sized photos if you want to participate in different social networks. Finding out the dimensions is time consuming and getting it perfect is difficult.

MyPictr makes the whole process much easier. They have a list of many different social networking sites including MySpace and Facebook. The allowed size has been already adjusted, so it's simply a matter of selecting the part of the photo you want to be your profile picture.

Using the App

Using MyPictr is extremely simple. First, you need to upload your photograph to the site by clicking on the upload button and selecting the photo. Then, it's a matter of choosing the social networking site that you're using which will then automatically adjust the size and proportion of the image. If your social networking site isn't listed, then it's also possible to input the dimensions of the photograph in the text boxes under the drop down box.

A yellow box will be placed on your image, which will be the portion of the photograph which will be kept for your profile photo. It's unlikely that this box will be in the correct place and so you will need to move it. Moving it is very easy as it's simply a matter of clicking and dragging it into position. If the photo is too large, then the zoom control down the side of the screen can be used to adjust the size.

Experiment zooming in and out to get the right sized photo. Then, drag the box to make sure your face is inside. Once this is perfect, you can then click the "Pictrit" button to generate your profile sized photo.

Saving Your Picture

Once you've created your profile photo, you have two options to save it. You can either enter an email address and have the photo emailed to you. Another option is to click the link inside the popup window and then choose where you want to save it on your computer.

With the file downloaded, you can then visit your social networking site and upload your brand new profile picture for the whole world to see.

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