Online Photo Editing: Citrify

Online photo editing software is making it easier than ever to edit your photographs wherever you are. While Adobe Photoshop is considered the ultimate photo editing package by many, there are plenty of things that can be done with online software. Citrify is one example of an online photo editor which is becoming extremely popular.

These applications are becoming more powerful all the time and paving the way to cloud computing. There are also lots of advantages to doing photo editing tasks online. Citrify was launched in 2009 and has attracted lots of visitors ever since.


Photoshop requires a brand new computer to work quickly, and it is a very demanding piece of software. Any online photo editor, however, isn't so demanding on your computer. This is because it runs on remote servers and is accessed through your web browser. Any computer with a modern Internet browser can be used to access the service and use it. This means even if you have a really old computer, it should be possible to use it to edit your photographs.


Because Citrify runs inside a web browser, it isn't dependent on the operating system your computer uses. Citrify can run on Mac OSx, Linux, Windows, and any other operating system you care to throw at it. This also means that you can load Citrify up on other computers. If you like to always use the same application, then this makes it possible to use it on any Internet connected computer.

Touch Ups

Citrify makes it really easy to touch photos up and make them look much better. This is made possible without making the photographs look unnatural. Red eyes, wrinkles, glare and blemishes can all be removed with a few clicks of the mouse. These tools are very accurate, and they make improving your photographs much easier.


The user interface of Citrify is actually very simple and extremely easy to understand. It also enables you to quickly and easily adjust the colors, contrast and anything else that needs to be changed. Images can also be straightened or rotated.


Citrify is a trusted and reliable application which has been around for quite a long time. Once you have finished editing your photos, they can then be downloaded to your computer. This means that whatever happens, you will always have a copy of them safe and sound stored on your PC.


There are dozens of brilliant effects which can be applied to your photographs from within the application. These effects include a watercolor effect to make your photo look like a painting, along with teeth whitening, blemish and wrinkle removal effects to clean up images. There are even fun effects such as the Obamify and Hulkify effects, which can make your photos look like Obama and the Hulk.


Citrify is a free application at the moment. You don't even need to sign up for an account to start using it. You just need to click the start editing button, and then you can start using the app right away.

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