One-Click Sharing on Photobucket

Photobucket is an online browser based program that gives you the ability to find, upload and store your images that are contained on your computer's hard drive or in a photo sharing account. It should be noted that Photobucket is not a full featured photo editing software package. Its purpose is to assist you in locating images and facilitate the sharing of them with others online.

Accessing Photobucket requires you to set up an account that you maintain. This account will give you the ability to create a gallery of images that you own. You can allow public access to this gallery or limit access to private viewing only. Be aware that if you do not change the privacy setting, your images are part of the public domain and available to other Photobucket users.

The process of sharing your images in Photobucket is a one-click process. You choose those images in your gallery that you want to share and the program will allow you to send them to another destination by creating a link for you to share. This article will briefly discuss the general process for one-click sharing with Photobucket.

1. Accessing Your Photobucket Account

In order to share your gallery photos with Photobucket, you need to access or create an account. Go to the Photobucket website and follow the prompts for logging into your existing account. If you do not have an account and are a new user, create an account. This will allow you to move to the next step in the process, which is to upload and create a gallery for one-click sharing with other users or to another destination outside of Photobucket, such as your Facebook, MySpace or Flickr account.

2. Create a Photo Gallery Inside Photobucket

Once you have created your account in Photobucket, you need to create a gallery in order to one-click share. Follow the process that is laid out in the program for browsing, selecting and uploading images into your Photobucket account. Be aware that if you do not change the privacy setting, you will allow others access to the photos that are in your Photobucket account. Follow the prompts for uploading the images and creating the gallery. Once created, you can access the individual images that you want to send to another destination or by email link.

3. Share Your Photobucket Images

With the gallery completed and the photos uploaded, you can select the images that have been edited with Photobucket and share them with the world! Select an image that you want to share and click on it with your mouse. This will prompt you to send the image via email or url link to another program such as a social networking site like MySpace. Repeat this process for each of the images that you edit with Photobucket and wish to share.

This completes the process for one-click sharing of your photo images using Photobucket's free browser based program.

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