Myspace, Youtube, and Google: Which One Is Best for Video?

Out of these three, is MySpace, Youtube or Google best for video? Well the best way to analyze this is to see how they're different from each other.


Google Video, out of all of them has changed the most over the past year. You used to be able to upload videos directly onto Google, but they have gotten together with Youtube and you can no longer do that. Instead, Youtube has become larger from the marriage and Google has become a destination for videos being hosted on other websites to be shared. If you're looking for a great variety of videos to watch then Google is a good place to visit. But if you're looking to share your videos with the world then Google is a closed door. 


Up until a few years ago MySpace was the number one social network. It has since been eclipsed by Facebook, whose easy to use interface is popular with people of all ages. But MySpace is far from dead. Instead, the social network prides itself on being an entertainment destination. What makes MySpace great is that you can embed videos in your profile, comments and bulletin board. It's easy to share on MySpace. 

MySpace accepts most video file formats. Your videos are limited to 20 minutes in length which is twice as much as Youtube. But the drawback is that the file size is limited to 500 MB. So if you're going for length you're going to be sacrificing quality. Another drawback to hosting video on MySpace is that the site is not as popular and the traffic has decreased. But if you're serious about sharing your videos you're going to upload to a few sites instead of just one so your work will get maximum exposure.


When it comes to video sharing sites Youtube is king. When it premiered in 2006 it was declared the best invention that year and for very good reason. It revolutionized how people used the internet and democratized internet video so that anyone could share it. When most people search for a video online they usually try looking on Youtube first. 

Videos on Youtube are limited to 10 minutes in length but they can be up to 2GB which means your work can be viewed in the high quality it was meant to be seen.

The Conclusion

Youtube is the best place to share your video. But if you want exposure then upload your video onto every video sharing site that allows you to have an account for free. The more places that they video can be seen at means that you'll have more exposure.

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