Making a Flickr Widget for Social Profiles

Widgets are a software service offered by Yahoo, the owner of Flickr. A Flickr widget allows you to access all your favorite things on the Internet from your desktop, without having to open your web browser. They are designed to give users faster access to whatever they desire. There are hundred of widgets, whose functions range from accessing your Facebook to viewing sports statistics and the weather. 

Create a Yahoo Account

Before you can download widgets, you need to have a Yahoo account. Sign up for one at They're free and it only takes a couple of minutes to set one up.

Getting Widgets

Go to the website:, to get your widgets. You can either create your own Widget or download one of the 4,000 offered on the site for free.

Check to see what widgets already exist before creating one. If you want a widget to make using your social media easier, like Facebook, then you can find a widget that already exists. This may save you time and may also result in you finding a widget that's beyond your original expectations. 

If you're unfamiliar with widgets, Yahoo offers a bulk download of some of their most popular ones for a user to become acquainted with. The download link can be found on the widgets home page.

Creating Widgets

If you don't find the widget that suits you, then you can create one by clicking on the 'Create Widgets' tab.  

To create a widget, you need to download Yahoo's Konfabulator program. Creating a Widget does require some computer programming and artistic skills. The widget uses XML to define objects and the hierarchy that makes them. Java script is also used to complement the programming. Some widgets also incorporate html and flash. Unless you're familiar with these programs and scripts, or have an interest in learning them, you may be better off downloading one that already exists to save yourself time and frustration. But, if you're someone who has an interest in programming, then creating widgets can be a fun and satisfying way to perfect your skills.

Using Widgets

As you browse through the many widgets that are offered, you're going to find at least one that you like. In order to download it, click the 'Get It!' button. A new window will open confirming the download. Before your widget downloads, you will first have to download the 'Yahooo Installer,' which will make the Widgets compatible with your computer's software.

Once you have that, you can start downloading and using widgets.  

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