Lunapic vs. Blibs

Lunapic and Blibs are the same programs used to edit pictures for MySpace and Facebook and other photo sharing sites. Typing in the url for Blibs will take you to the Lunapic interface for designing and editing your pictures.

What Is Lunapic?

Lunapic is an online portal and photo editor that allows you to upload photos stored on your computer or a disk. You may also upload photos found on the web, provided that you own the rights and license to those photos. The areas of the Internet in which you may upload photos include MySpace, Lunapic, Flickr, Facebook or Firefox.

Adding Effects to Photos

Once the photo is uploaded, you can add effects such as animation and other edits to the photo. On the home page of the Lunapic editor, you will see sample effects for floating hearts, text, adding a film strip border and kaleidoscope. The left hand tool bar provides additional editing options for your pictures, including cropping, rotating, scaling the photos and adding a gradient pattern.

Registering to Use Lunapic

Using Lunapic or Blibs requires you to establish a free account. Once you review the privacy policy and terms of use, provide registration information including a unique user name and password, and you are ready to use the site.

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