Linking to MySpace Comment from Photobucket

Photobucket is an online program that allows you to upload video, graphics, images and photos from your computer or other storage media directly online. This content can then be uploaded to other photo and other sharing sites in which you maintain accounts with, such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and Picasa.

You can link to MySpace comment from Photobucket by following these steps. These steps are also found in the help section of the Photobucket website:

Linking to MySpace Comment

  1. You need to log into your MySpace account.
  2. Select a friend that you wish to provide a comment and click on the "Add Comment" link.
  3. Locate the "Add a Photo" link and click on it.
  4. A tab for Photobucket should appear when you click the "Add a Photo" link. Click on the tab.
  5. Log into your Photobucket account when prompted by entering your username and password.
  6. Search for the photo you wish to add a comment to.
  7. Add a comment once you locate the photo.
  8. Post the comment by clicking on the "Post A Comment". You will be given an opportunity to preview the comment.
  9. Click OK to post the comment.

Be aware that some comments that you post to a friend's MySpace page may need approval by the account owner before posting.

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