Learning about Dreamtime

With Dreamstime, you can now download quality images that are free of royalties at a very minimal cost. It has a community of photographers that shoot images, either in print or digital, which are approved by their editors. So far, hundreds of thousands have already joined in the community and are contributing thousands of photos online. This gives you a wide array of images to choose from, which are categorized accordingly and refreshed everyday.


This is Dreamstime’s multi-tiered and unlimited search engine wherein you can refine your searches. You can search using different parameters, such as by name, content, resolution, etc.

Referral Program

This was launched in May 2005 and gives members the chance to win a certain percentage of sales while promoting the community.


This gives an opportunity for some privileged community members to become part of the site’s “Dream Team.” They basically are employed and work directly with people who contribute images to the community.

Free Images Section

Free images are also offered on this site. It is one of the few sites that licenses images for free.

Photographer Incentive Programs

Incentive programs include “In the News” – where amateur and semi-pro photographers are encouraged to bring out the photojournalistic flair of their talents. This program presents photos that have relevance to the news. Another incentive is “The Assignment,” where the site posts a monthly assignment and the members comply with the parameters stipulated.

Blogs and Forums

The site also has dedicated blogs and forums for the members. You can discuss everything photo related (and sometime even not). Dreamstime is a comprehensive and dynamic community which provides a lot of support to its members.