Knowing Who has Viewed a Flickr Photo

There is no way to see who has viewed a particular Flickr photo. The site only tracks the number of times a picture has been viewed. Users can, however, set up the account to make sure certain groups are allowed to view the photo, which provides some control over the audience looking at your uploaded pictures.

Step 1 - Login to Flickr 

First, log in to the site using your Yahoo! ID and password.  

When you set up your account, you chose a default viewing audience for the pictures you will load. When you load a new picture, you can change this setting for that one picture if you want to make a particular picture available to a smaller or wider audience.

Step 2 - Changing the Audience During Loading

From the main screen, click Upload Photos & Video. If you only want to modify the audience for one picture, select that one picture from "Choose Photos & Videos." Below the picture is the option to "Set privacy." Choose whether you want the picture to be available to one or both of the two Private audiences ("Visible to Friends" and "Visible to Family), or check "Public."

Step 3 - Load the Picture

Click on the "Upload and Videos" button.

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