Judging Your Which of Your Fickr Pictures is Popular

As a Flickr user, you may want to track which of your Flickr pictures is most popular. Surprisingly, this is not as straightforward as it sounds because your most popular picture today may not be the most popular tomorrow. Of course, if you load a new picture today, it could be the most popular in a week's time, especially if you highlight it for your contacts. Even if it loses popularity for awhile, it can come back into the lime light months later. Flickr has provided a way for users to track which pictures they have loaded are their most popular in terms of interest, views, favorites and comments.

Step  1: Login to Flickr 

First, you will need to log in to the site using your Yahoo! ID and password.  

Step  2: Navigate to the Pictures

From the Main Page, click on the "You" tab near the top of your screen. This will open up the photos you have loaded, the most recently loaded appearing first.

Step 3: Navigate to the Popular Tab

On the "You" page, there is a menu list directly under "Your photostream." Toward the right end of the list (second to last) is a link called "Popular." Click on this link.

Step 4 : Determine What You Consider to Be Most Popular

Because people do not have the same opinion as to what is the most popular, Flickr has provided several categories to give users a choice as to what they think indicates is their most popular photo. The "Popular" link will take you to a page where you are presented with four choices to describe what is your most popular picture: "Interesting," "Views," "Favorites" and "Comments."

Interesting and Comments are essentially the same. If someone has commented on your photo, it will appear under both of these tabs. The main difference is the type of comment left, indicating how interesting your picture is.

Views is probably the method most people would consider to indicate a picture is most popular. When you take into a account that people may accidentally click on one of your pictures instead of another, you start to understand why this may not be as guaranteed a gauge as you would like. It is still a pretty good indicator, especially if people are returning to see it.

Favorites means that other users have marked your picture as one of their favorites on Flickr. This a obviously a really good gauge for pictures that end up getting chosen as favorites, but since favorites is not quite the same as popular, it may not be as sure a method as views.

Step 5: Check Out Your Flickr Stats

Of course, for the really competitive, Flickr keeps different stats to help you track what is your most popular picture based on a mixture of elements. Iit will cost an additional fee to get this additional service.

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