Internet Television: Platforms and Availability

Internet Television is a very popular use for the Internet. When the Internet was first created, it was only used as a way to share information using websites. However, recently there has been an interest in multimedia content. Many networks now have their own Internet TV services like Hulu and iPlayer from the BBC.

If you want to broadcast your own videos, then you won't be able to get it on Hulu, however, there are lots of other platforms which you could use. These platforms are all very easy to use and will make it very simple to get your video out there.


This is a service that you need to pay for if you want to use it to stream your own videos. It is user friendly and makes getting your videos on the Internet very easy. You can apply for a free quote fairly easily on the Internet. The service also features a content manager which makes it really easy to manage the videos that you have created and decide where to make them available.

You can also use this service to create videos from DVD or VHS cassette tapes. This makes it simple to give a new life to recordings you have already made. It's possible to use this to offer live TV or video on demand services.


BrightCove is a very popular Internet television platform which makes it possible to target the new range of mobile Internet devices which are now all the rage. Unlike other platforms, they offer a free trial so that you can decide whether or not this is suitable for you. This will also make it really easy to learn how to use the system without having to pay anything. BrightCove offers a number of different packages which can be expanded as you grow. This means that you can start off with an affordable package and then add additional features when you're ready.


This is a fairly new Internet TV platform, but it is becoming very popular thanks to the sophisticated Analytics software. Analytics works in the same way as Google Analytics, but allows you to track videos and determine where they are being shared, and which countries are viewing them.

This service also offers a free trial and is seen as a much younger company. They pride themselves on a user friendly interface, which is improved regularly.

Other Services

Of course if you just want to broadcast your web cam videos on the Internet, then a much easier way would be to use YouTube. This is a free service which you can register for easily. You can then record directly from your web cam or import video from a digital video camera and upload it directly to the service.

If you create unique and interesting content, then it should be fairly easy to earn yourself a good reputation and start attracting more viewers.