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How to Block Facebook Photos of Yourself

There are times when may want to block Facebook members from seeing your photos. This may be because the photos are less than flattering or reveal something you do not want to share with certain...[more]

How to Tag Photos on Facebook

The social networking site Facebook allows users to label or tag photos to identify the people in the picture. If you see a funny or glamorous photo of yourself or a friend, you may want...[more]

Finding Photos of a Friend on Facebook

With the large number number of people using the social networking site Facebook, many users want to know how to find photos of their friends. In order to view the photos of a specific person...[more]

How to Comment on Facebook Photos

Facebook has been a primary form of communication for millions of people over the past few years. As it grows in popularity, so does the number of pictures that people post. With more members and...[more]

How to Prepare a Photo for the Web

It is important to prepare your photos for the web before you upload them. This is necessary because a photgraph that is too large in size will be cumbersome to view and slow to upload,...[more]

How to Batch Import Facebook Photos

One of the most popular social networking sites on the internet is Facebook. It enables you to make friends and keep tabs on what they are doing. In order to become a Facebook member, you...[more]

How To Share Your Flickr Photos On Your Blog

Blogging has become a way for many to express their ideas and opinions. Some people, however, choose to use blog to keep their friends and family up to date on the happenings within their lives....[more]

How To Create A Flickr Badge To Share Your Photos

Flickr allows you to add photos to your blog using the tools that the website has set up. When adding content to a blog you will need to add a badge to your photos. The...[more]

How To Interact With Contacts On Flickr

When you create and account on the Flickr website, you have the option of adding contacts. These contacts can be friends and family members that you would like to share the photos that you upload....[more]

How To Join Groups On Flickr

Flickr is a photo sharing community with members from all over the world. You have the option of joining groups within the Flickr community. This allows you to share photos with people who are in...[more]

How To Create A Set Within Flickr

After you upload content onto the Flickr website you will have the ability to organize your photos and/or video. Organizing the content will allow you to place the photos and/or video into sets with similar...[more]

How To Geotag Your Photos on Flickr

Flickr has a unique option that allows its users to geotag photos and/or videos that they have uploaded to the website. Geotagging an image is a relatively new feature that is now being included in...[more]

How To Add Notes To Your Photos in Flickr

Once your photos and/or videos have been uploaded to the Flickr website you can add notes to the photos. Notes can come in two forms. First you can add a description the photos and/or videos...[more]

How To Tag And Organize Your Photos on Flickr

Once you upload photos and videos to your account you can sort and organize you photos. You can also tag your photos, which is adding a headline or label to your photo. This allows you...[more]

How To Add Photos Into Your Flickr Account

After creating your Flickr account you will need to add your personal photos. Adding photos allows you to organize your digital images as well as share them with your friends. Before you add photos to...[more]

How To Create a Flickr Account

Managing and organizing your photos can be an exhausting process for anyone. However, online photo sharing software can help you with this process. Flickr is designed for just that purpose. is a service that...[more]

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