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Befunky Gallery

Befunky is an online photo editor that adds artwork designs and special effects to your images. Befunky is designed to work with Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Bebo, Photobucket and Picasa. Befunky also has an iPhone application...[more]

What is Vector Magic?

Vector Magic is a conversion program that takes bitmap images such as those with file formats *.jpeg, *.gif, *.bmp, *.tiff and *.png and change them into *.eps, *.svg and *.pdf format, which is cleaner looking...[more]

3 Beginner Steps to Flauntr

FlauntR is a free online photo and image editing program that allows users to edit, style, add text and make other changes to photos. Using flauntR allows you to integrate changes to photos, images and...[more]

Lunapic vs. Blibs

Lunapic and Blibs are the same programs used to edit pictures for MySpace and Facebook and other photo sharing sites. Typing in the url for Blibs will take you to the Lunapic interface for designing...[more]

The Clarkii Online Image Editor

Clarkii is a browser based photo editor that creates an easy user friendly interface for editing photos, images and graphics. Clarkii Online Image Editor is from the same software makers as OIE, which is InDis...[more]

The OIE Online Image Editor

OIE, which stands for online image editor, is a service provided online for editing photos and images for use with photo sharing sites. With online image editor, or OIE, you have the ability to edit...[more]

Sharing your Photobucket Pictures on Facebook

Sharing your Photobucket Pictures on Facebook Almost everyone is very fond of sharing their Photobucket pictures whether through email, their blog, or through various social networking sites. If you want to share it with your...[more]

How to Create a Photobucket Slideshow

In many cases, you've probably stumbled upon sites or links where they feature a Photobucket slideshow. This free photo-sharing online site is highly popular and very easy to manage. Best of all, there's a free...[more]

Picnik Internet Explorer Extension

Picnik is one of the most popular photo and image editing packages available on the Internet. This is an Internet based piece of software which makes it possible to edit any of the images you...[more]

Sharing your Photobucket Slideshow

Now that you've created your Photobucket slideshow, you would want other people to see it also. There are many ways to share your slideshow, and Photobucket's integration with other social networking sites has made this...[more]

Where to Download Picnik Free

Picnik is one of the most popular image editing application, which is why so many people are looking for a way to download Picnik for free. Picnik itself is not an application which can be...[more]

Using IMG Photobucket Codes for Message Boards

Photobucket is a very useful online storage service for digital images and photographs. If you ever want to use your photos on a webpage but don't have a hosting account, then Photobucket might be the...[more]

Picnik vs. Photoshop

Photoshop is probably the most famous photo editing package available, but Picnik might offer you everything you need at a fraction of the cost. Picnik is an online photo editing application which can make editing...[more]

The Advantages of Picnik Premium

Picnik premium accounts are available for anyone who subscribes and builds on the features already provided by free basic accounts. Whether or not you will benefit from the features offered by premium accounts will depend...[more]

8 Websites Picnik Can Upload Photos From

Picnik is a new online image enhancement tool that is available both to free and premium members. Though it's a fairly new player in the online photo sharing market, it has quickly risen to popularity...[more]

Picnik vs. Photobucket Editor

There are many online photo sharing and editing sites nowadays, but one which has caught much attention recently is Picnik. With a tagline that says "Photo editing made fun", Picnik is primarily an image enhancement...[more]

What Is Picnik?

A new player in the online photo sharing tool has emerged recently, and Picnik has been generating a buzz. Unlike the popular site Photobucket, Picnik is not focused on storing user images and videos. It...[more]

Picnik Firefox Extension

Picnik is a very well known and popular online image editing application. Picnik can be used to annotate, edit and share photos online with ease. The software is capable of loading photos from lots of...[more]

Picnik Chrome Extension

Picnik is a useful online image editing application which can be used to make a variety of changes to digital images. It is capable of importing photos from several social networking sites including MySpace, Facebook,...[more]

Sharing your Photobucket Pictures on Twitter

Sharing your Photobucket Pictures on TwitterMost of us probably have Photobucket pictures that we like to share with our friends and relatives. Photobucket is one of the first online photo album and photo sharing sites,...[more]

Posting Other Users' Flickr Photos to Tumblr

Posting other users' Flickr photos onto your Tumblr blog is possible and legal. Here are a few ways to do it as well as the legal requirements of doing so.HTML LinksTumblr users can add pictures directly from...[more]

How to Delete All Facebook Photos at Once

Facebook photos are easy to share with the world. Mobile uploads. Cover photos. Profile pictures. Users can even create unlimited albums with up to two hundred photos in each one. And yet there may come a...[more]

Viewing Flickr Photos in Google Earth

Viewing your Flickr photos in Google Earth has never been easier thanks to the development team at Google. One tool you will need is Google Earth; once downloaded and installed, you can begin. Practice with the program and you'll...[more]

Making a Flickr Widget for Social Profiles

Widgets are a software service offered by Yahoo, the owner of Flickr. A Flickr widget allows you to access all your favorite things on the Internet from your desktop, without having to open your web browser. They...[more]

How to Direct Traffic to Your Flickr Photos

Flickr photo is one of the world's leading social media websites where users can share their photos with each other. For a photographer trying to break into the professional world, this site can offer a lot...[more]

Flickr Photo Sharing Offsite With Captions

Flickr photo sharing with friends, family or colleagues, when the Internet isn't around, used to be a daunting task. With current technology, this is no longer the case, as we now use our phones as an...[more]

How to Sell Prints Online through Flickr

If you want to sell prints online as a professional with Flickr, it can be very easy! Once you have all your photos online, structured and organized, you can begin to put together your own portfolio. Not...[more]

How to Move Photos From Flickr to Shutterfly

To move photos from Flickr to Shutterfly is not as hard as it sounds. By now, if you accidently click on the delete button, you get a confirmation before the files are really gone. Different services offer...[more]

How to Change Image Size Selection on Flickr

Changing the image size of your pictures on Flickr is simple to do by following the following instructions:Step 1: Find PhotoOnce you log into your account on Flickr and your at the home page, click on the...[more]

3 Flickr Organizational Tips

Using online photo sharing services like Flickr can be a useful tool. Using a few of these tips when your working on uploading files can save you a few headaches later on. Think of your filing cabinet;...[more]

How to Make a Button for a Flickr Group

Making a button for your Flickr group till take about twenty minutes. Remember to stay within pixel restrictions, which you can find when you go to upload your files.Step 1If you haven't done so, go and create...[more]

Facts About Flickr Copyright Policies

Flickr is a social media website that specializes in photo sharing between its users. It is also used by bloggers to host images used on their sites. Flickr is free to sign up for and use;...[more]

Protecting Copyrights on Facebook Photos

Facebook is a great place to share your Facebook photos with others. But, one of the biggest concerns photographers have with sharing their work on social media websites is copyright protection. Fortunately, Facebook is very transparent about...[more]

flickr Photo Sharing on Facebook

If you enjoy digital photography on any level, there are several ways to share your work with friends, family and the general public, including flickr photo sharing. The Flickr photo sharing site is a great avenue...[more]

Sending a Picture to a Group on Flickr

If you have just joined your first group on Flickr, you may not be too sure how to send a picture to that group. It does take a little time to get used to working outside of your...[more]

Judging Your Which of Your Fickr Pictures is Popular

As a Flickr user, you may want to track which of your Flickr pictures is most popular. Surprisingly, this is not as straightforward as it sounds because your most popular picture today may not be the most...[more]

Upload From Flickr to Other Social Profiles

Flickr is one of the best sites for loading and sharing pictures, but not everyone has an account set up with Flickr, which means some users have to upload from Flickr to other social profiles, like Picasa, Facebook or...[more]

Download All Your Flickr Photos at Once

After a bit of research, you may have found out how to download a picture from Flickr, but what if you want to download all of your Flickr photos at one time? That task is not so...[more]

Mobile Costs: Uploading Facebook Photos

While it is great to sit down to your computer and work on Facebook there are times when the best pictures are those on your phone; but what are the mobile costs to upload photos to Facebook from...[more]

Uploading Photos to Facebook From a Nokia Phone

Facebook allows photo uploads from many different phones, including many different types of Nokia phones. The type of phone you have will determine the method of loading; it should be similar for most phones.Step 1: Open the Internet on...[more]

How to Create a Contest on Flickr

Not only is Flickr a great way to show pictures to friends, family, and gain exposure as a photographer, Flickr also allows users to create a contest on the site. Whether you want to hold...[more]

Effect of Flickr on Stock Photography Business

Flickr, owned by Yahoo, is one of the world's largest social media websites, an entity that has affected the stock photography business. It is a free network that allows photographers to upload and share their...[more]

What is Flickr Interestingness?

Flickr Interestingness decides which photos will be included in Flickr's daily Explore. Explore is a showcase of the day's 500 most interesting photos. It's purpose is to guarantee interesting content to visitors of the site....[more]

Legal Aspects of Reusing Facebook Photos

Some people may think that it is not a big deal to reuse Facebook photos. With the number of Facebook users growing everyday, the legal ramifications can be great. Reusing When you upload friends photos...[more]

Viewing Photos on Facebook Without an Account

Although you may want to view your friend's photos on Facebook without an account, it is impossible to do without one. In order to view pictures on Facebook, you have to create an account. Don't...[more]

Automatically Tag Facebook Photos with Photo Finder

One of the best features on Facebook is the ability to tag people in photos. The Photo Finder was created by and it is one of Facebook's latest photo applications. It uses facial recognition...[more]

Sharing Facebook Photos on Twitter

Many Twitter users also have Facebook accounts, and the two social media networks have been working closely together to give their users the best experience they can offer. A Twitter user's status can be viewed...[more]

How to Order Prints Online from Flickr

It is easy to order prints online of hard copies of pictures that you have on your computer. The social networking and photography sharing website Flickr can offer you the best of both worlds, offering both physical...[more]

Exporting From Facebook to Flickr

There is currently no direct way to export your photos from Facebook to Flickr. An app has been created to import from Flickr to Facebook, but the reverse does not exist yet. However, there are ways to create...[more]

What is Flickr Scout?

To understand Flickr Scout, you most first understand what Flickr Explore is. Everyday Flickr chooses 500 images from its database that it deems to be the most interesting. These images are selected by a computer using a...[more]

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