How Web Photo Storage is Different from Photo Sharing

Web photo storage and Photo sharing services are often seen as the same thing. However, both of these are actually slightly different. Many people will be better off using one service instead of the other, depending on exactly what they are trying to do with their photographs. A photo sharing site has some advantages, but so does a web photo storage site.

Photo Sharing Site

A photo sharing site is a website where you can upload your photos to. These photos can be shared with other people on the Internet easily. One of the most popular examples of a photo sharing site is Flickr. This site makes it very simple to upload your photos to. The photos can then be organised and catalogued.

It's then possible to choose exactly who you want to be able to look at the photos. They can either be restricted to other people who you know. Or, alternatively, they can be set free. This will allow anyone to look through your photo albums. Photo sharing sites are normally free, although they will have quite strict restrictions on the number of photos you can upload.

Web Photo Storage

Web photo storage is designed as a place to store all of your photos. This means that the service isn't set up to allow other people to access your pictures. However, the major advantages are that it stores a backup of all your photos away from your computer. It also makes it easy to access your computer from any computer anywhere in the world.

Web photo storage is a more professional option which normally has more space available. This makes it perfect for any professional photographers.