How to Write a Flickr Testimonial

Flickr testimonials are what customers rely on to ensure that they are going to view quality photos. It may be comforting to know, before clicking on the album of a certain member, that others have enjoyed the subject matter or quality of its content.

Add the Member as a Friend

You can only write a testimonial for someone who is your friend. The member has to approve your friend request.

Write Your Testimonial

While you are on the member's profile page, write a testimonial. Although it helps to be honest, the person may not approve it if it is negative.

Double Check They Received It

You may want to send them a message to ensure that they have received the testimonial and know that it is still pending. They will not receive a special email from Flickr letting them know that they have received a testimonial. It is up to the member to approve the testimonial. It will not appear on their page until they have reviewed and approved it. It will appear at the bottom of their page below their profile.

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