How to Use the AudioSwap Tool in Youtube

Youtube is the largest video sharing website in the world. Anyone can create an account for free and upload as many videos as they want. However, when making videos you can not add music to them that you do not have the rights to. In fact, large record companies are actively searching through Youtube for videos that use their songs without permission. Youtube is then left with two choices; get sued or remove the video's audio. They chose the latter option but in order to keep their users happy they have created the Audio Swap tool so that you can get your video back on it's feet with a song you can legally use.

How Audio Swap Works

Audio swap replaces a video entire sound track with a song. Again, it's the entire soundtrack. So let's say you made a 5 minute short film and 1 minute of it used a song that was copyrighted. If you use audio swap then the entire five minutes will be replaced. You're better off going back into your editing program, changing the song, and then upload the video again.

But if you made a slide show and need to change the music then audio swap offers a quick and easy way to do that.

Accessing Audio Swap

Once you decided that you want to use audio swap it's time to get to work. Log into your Youtube account and go to 'My Videos'. Search through your videos and find the one you wish to work with. At the bottom of the video is a few buttons. One of them is 'Audio Swap'. Click it.

Using Audio Swap

Audio Swap is a three step process. The first step involves choosing the audio that will replace your old track. You can either look through Youtube's audio library for something that you like or choose the 'I'm Feeling Lucky Option'. Using this option allows Youtube to choose a song based on the length of your video and the genre of the old music that is being replaced.

After you choose a song it's time for step two, previewing the video. Here is where you decide if the new song works or if the video needs something better. If you're unhappy then search for another song. Be careful during this step because once you make a final decision you can't reverse it. 

After you're happy with the new choice the last step is to publish the audio. This will marry the new sound to your clip. People will now be able to watch the video with the new audio.

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