How to Use Shutterfly for Easy Online Photo Album Sharing

It is very easy to use Shutterfly for online photo album sharing. Before you can use Shutterfly for online photo album sharing, you will need to create a free account with Shutterfly. Once you have an account, take a look at the below directions and you'll be on your way to easy online photo album sharing. The nice thing about Shutterfly is that it only takes a few minutes to create an album, add pictures and begin sharing your pictures.

1. Create an Album

When you log into your Shutterfly account, you will see a button that says "Add Pictures," click on the button and follow the directions on your screen to create an album. Shutterfly allows you to change the name of the album that you are creating. If you have already created an album, simply click on the album name to add pictures to it.

2. Add Pictures

Now that you have created an album, you are ready to start adding pictures to that album. Simply follow the directions given to you by Shutterfly to add pictures to the album that you have just created. By clicking on the Browse button, a dialog box will appear in Shutterfly that allows you to select pictures that you would like to add to your album.

3. Share your Pictures

Once you have added pictures to an album in your Shutterfly account, you are ready to start sharing your photo album. Shutterfly will give you a link that provides direct access to the photo album that you have just created. To share your photo album, simply email the link to your friends and family or post the link on your favorite social networking site.