How to Use Microsoft SkyDrive for Virtually Unlimited Photo Storage

In the age of virtually unlimited email storage space, unlimited photo storage is a need that is still not completely addressed. Popular photo services like Picassa, Flickr, and Photo bucket have monthly bandwidth and overall space restrictions to them. This is because photographs tend to take up a lot of space and multiply quickly in numbers.

The following article explores the usage of Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive as a virtually unlimited photo storage vault.

Step 1 - About Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive 

Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive is one part of the extensive online services offered by Microsoft in their online service portfolio. It is essentially a service that enables users to store and share files on a server and then access them anywhere using a web browser and an internet connection. The service requires you to use a free Windows Live ID to login. The files that you upload can either be shared, kept personal or protected with a password. You may also make some file available publicly and hence do not require a live ID to access them.

The Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive offers 25 GB of free personal storage that is way more than other services are offering and has an individual files size limit of 50 MB. This is ideally suited to uploading photographs.

Step 2 - Using the Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive 

Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive simply requires you to use a basic browser uploader to upload up to five files simultaneously or use silver light based "flash like" uploading tool to schedule an upload of more files. The file limit is 50MB per file. Optionally you may use a drag-and-drop tool that works with Internet Explorer only.

To use the Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive as a photo vault, all you need to do is schedule an upload of all your photograph files using the silver light uploader. Then set the required permissions to the photo folders.

To do this, you will, hit the Microsoft Windows Live SkyDrive using Internet Explorer web browser and use your Windows Live user ID and password to log in. You will notice that a window titled "The Windows Live" will open. You will now click "SkyDrive" to view your folders on the SkyDrive.

Either click on a pre-existing folder to upload photo files or create a new folder and then click "Add Files." You will now be prompted to install the "Windows Live Upload Tool." Answer in affirmative and install the tool by following the instructions.

Step 3 - Uploading Your Files

Once the installation is complete, you will see a big box with the words "Drag documents here" in the middle. You will now open the Windows Explorer and then navigate to the respective folders containing the photographs to be uploaded.

Select the files and then drag them to the marked area. This will upload your files to the chosen folders. Also please note that the service essentially acts as a storage drive on the cloud. Do not depend on it as a backup service.