How To Upload Videos to Youtube

There are many video sharing websites out there but the king amongst them is the first one to have been created, youtube. Whenever someone is looking for a video online they always try searching for it on Youtube before trying out any other site. And there's a good reason for that; it's the largest video sharing site in the world.

Anyone can create an account for free and upload videos. On top of that, some of Youtube's settings make it a practical way for more than just funny videos to be shared. It can also be used for business. You can give a video a private URL that no one can search for, thus making it easier to communicate ideas. But whatever you're using Youtube for, every video on there begins with an upload.

Preparing Your Video For Youtube

Youtube accepts a variety of video formats for uploading. You are not limited in the amount of videos that you can upload. But you are limited to the length of the video (under 10 minutes) and the size of the file (under two gigabytes).

Youtube does some compressing to your videos on their end so it's best to aim for the highest quality video possible for exporting. Try settings that allow you to keep the original video resolution while staying within the 2 gig file limit.

Go to the Upload Page

Go to the Youtube home page ( and log into your account. Then click on the Upload link. 

Uploading Video

You have two choices on the Upload page. You can either record a video directly from your web cam to Youtube. Or you can upload an existing file from your computer. When you click on the 'Upload Video' button a window pops up allowing you to navigate your hard drive for the video file. Once you choose the file it will automatically begin to upload.

While the video uploads you can enter in information about the video. This includes a title, description, tags and the option to make the video private or public. If your video is still uploading after you have finished entering this information then just click save changes and they will be applied after the video is uploaded.


Once the upload is complete it is not immediately available for viewing. Remember, Youtube does some compressing on their end which they call processing. Depending on the size of your video it may not be available for viewing for a few minutes. But once it's complete your video is ready to be shared with the world.

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