How To Upload Videos to Photobucket

If you have a digital video camera then sharing your videos on photobucket is one of the easiest ways to share them with your friends and family. This is an easy video sharing site which makes it possible to upload your videos and share them with everyone. Once your videos are loaded onto your computer it is possible to upload them to photobucket with ease.

As soon as the photos are uploaded anyone you allow will be able to log in and access your unique selection of videos. These can be played back over the Internet. Photobucket can also be used as a way to store some of your photos so that you can keep everyone updated at once rather than needing to send dozens of different emails.

Stop 1: Login

Visit the Photobucket homepage and log into your account. If you don't already have an account then you should register for one now. If you've forgotten your username or password then it's possible to recover these by clicking a link and entering your email address into the site.

Step 2: Videos

Click the Video link inside the "My Account" section. This can be found near to the Upload Images and Videos section of the page. A free basic account will have a maximum length per video of 5 minutes, a pro account has 10 minutes per video.

Step 3: Uploading the Video

Select the video by choosing where it is located on your computer. Click the browse button to easily find where the file is stored. Once you have found the file double click on it to select it. Click on the Uploading Options link so that you can view all the different options for uploading the file. once you have made your decision it is then a matter of clicking the Upload button. The video will be uploaded and a message will be displayed once it's completed. You can also assign tags to make it easier for people to find the video in the Describe It field.

Step 4: Sharing Videos

Now visit the homepage of your account. Click the Video link again and you should see a list of videos that you have already uploaded. Click the video that you want to share and it will start to play. To share it with other people simply click the Share button. You can then choose a number of different ways of sharing the video including by email or Link.

Once you have chosen whether you want to email or link the right code will be generated. This code can then be copied into an email or pasted on your website. This will make it really easy for anyone to find the videos that you have uploaded.

Either click the Send button to send the email or copy the link to the clipboard for use on sites and in emails. Sending an email to all your family and friends is normally the easiest way to alert them that there is a new video they should watch.

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