How To Upload Videos to Facebook

It is very easy to upload videos to facebook. When you upload videos to Facebook, the videos will automatically be added to your profile so that your friends and family can instantly view them. Facebook allows you to upload videos directly from your computer or mobile phone. This guideline will go over the directions for uploading videos to Facebook.

Guidelines for Uploading Videos to Facebook

Facebook does have a few guidelines and rules for uploading videos to their website. The video that you would like to upload to Facebook must be less than 20 minutes long. The file size of the video may not exceed 1,024 megabytes. The video must have been made by you or your friends. The video that you would like to upload to Facebook must contain appearances by either yourself or one of your friends.

Step 1 - Log In to Facebook or Create an Account

You must have an account with Facebook in order to upload a video to their website. If you do not have an account, visit the Facebook website and follow the directions listed on the home page. If you already have an account with Facebook, log in to your account.

Step 2 - Locating the Videos Section

Once you are logged into Facebook, click on Photos. Photos is located on the left hand side of your news feed page, under your profile picture and name. News Feed, Messages and Events will be the links listed above Photos. Once the Photos page has loaded, click on Upload Video. Upload Video is located to the right of the word Photos at the top of the page.

Step 3 - Uploading the Video

With the Create a New Video page loaded, you will see text that reads "Select a video file on your computer." Click the "Choose" button and the Open dialog box will appear on your screen. The Open dialog box allows you to browse the hard drive on your computer so that you can locate the video that you wish to upload. Once you have located the video, click Open and the video will automatically begin to upload to Facebook.

Mobile Video Upload

Facebook also allows you to upload videos directly from your mobile phone. In order to do this, you will need to know what your personalized Facebook email address is. Follow the directions in steps 1 and 2 to locate the videos section on the Facebook website. The Mobile Video tab will be located at the top of the Create a New Video page, next to the File Upload tab. When you click on the Mobile Video tab, Facebook will display your personalized email address. You can send a video file directly from your phone to that email address and Facebook will automatically upload the video for you. When you upload videos to Facebook by using your personalized email address, the videos will be visible to everyone by default.

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