How to Upload Pictures Online to KodakGallery

You can upload pictures online to Kodak Gallery and create albums and share them with your friends. The process is quite easy and here are the steps to upload your pictures from your computer.

Step 1: Save Photos on Your Computer

Transfer the photos you have taken from your digital camera to your computer. Make sure to save these photos in the JPEG format.

Step 2: Install Software or a Pulg-In

Kodak provides a number of software and plug-in options which will enable you to upload your photos. If you are using a PC having Windows XP or a later operating system and you have an Internet Explorer browser, you can install the Kodak Gallery Upload software from their website. If you are a Mac user, you need the Kodak Easyshare software. For browser based plug-ins, there is the Firefox Companion and Easy Upload.

Step 3: Upload Photos

If you have installed the Kodak Gallery Upload, you need to initialize this software and select your photos by highlighting them and then clicking on the Upload button. The Easy Upload software lets you drag and drop your photos for easy upload. All the stated software enables you to upload multiple photos with ease from your hard drive.