How to Upload Blackberry Photos to Facebook

Nowadays almost everyone has a smart phone and everyone of these phones also functions as a digital camera. Almost everyone has a Facebook account too. That means that you can take a picture anytime you want and share it on Facebook. If you have a Blackberry, it is especially easy to share your blackberry photos

Step One: Take Photos

Carrying your Blackberry at all times gives you easy access to a digital camera. You can take pictures of anything you like, including precious moments with your family, interesting buildings, and even interesting signs carried by the homeless. It can be anything. Blackberry cameras have high resolution sensors and therefore can run out of memory quickly. You might want to change the resolution to a standard that you still enjoy while maximizing the amount of photos you can take.

Step Two: Get the Facebook Application

There is a free application available for the blackberry specifically for Facebook, all you need is an account. When you have the Facebook app, your notifications come to your blackberry as well as your e-mail. You can send messages to friends over your mobile phone and can post on their walls. Uploading your mobile phone pictures to your account is easy, too.

Step Three: Upload

The Facebook application page is different from the Facebook page you see on your computer. It is still very easy to use. At the top of the app's page are icons that are links. The third one from the left is a camera, this is how you upload your photos.

Click on the 'camera' icon. This will retrieve thumbnails of all the pictures you've taken on your blackberry. Scroll through them and select which photo you want to upload. You can only do one at a time.

Once you select your photo you can add the details. Those are a caption, tagging who is in it, and selecting which album you want it in. By default it goes to the mobile photos album (if you don't have one, it is automatically created). You can easily change that setting to an existing album.

When you click on the link for tags this takes you to another page where you can see the photo you're going to upload. Click on the 'add' link and your friends list appears. Select the friends that are in the photo. Then click on the 'done' link when you're finished. This takes you back to the details page.

On the details page click 'upload' and you're photo is uploaded onto Facebook. 

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