How to Transfer Facebook Photos to Photobucket

Like Facebook, Photobucket is a photo and video sharing media and social networking site website. It's free and easy to set up an account and transfer your Facebook photos to your new account.

Step 1: Set Up an Account

Go to Photobucket and create a free account. Be prepared to enter your e-mail address to provide confirmation. You have the option of registering for a Pro account that costs $1.67 a month. The difference is that standard accounts are limited in how much data they can upload while Pro accounts have unlimited space. Once your account is set up, you are automatically taken to your homepage.

Step 2: Upload Images from the Web

Although this article is about transferring Facebook photos to Photobucket, you can actually transfer any image from the web in the following quick and easy steps.

In the center of your homepage is your image uploader. You have 4 options of where to upload your image from:

  • File
  • Web URL
  • E-mail
  • Mobile device

For Facebook photo, click on the button for Web URL. You can bulk upload up to 20 images from the web at once.

Step 3: Get Your Images from the Web

You can upload images directly from the web with Photobucket, eliminating the need to first add the photos to your hard drive. This saves you time and space.

In a separate internet tab or window find the image that you wish to import and right click/ control click it. In windows you would open the images properties and copy its URL. On a Mac you choose the option to 'copy image's address'.

Step 4: Paste and Upload

Paste the URL where it says "Paste URL here." Once you have selected all the images you want, click Upload. Your photos will go live on PhotoBucket once the upload is complete.

Special Notes

The address you paste for the image's URL needs to come directly from your right/control click in the image itself. Entering the sites address from your browser will not upload your image and results in an error.

This method for copying an image's address works for thumbnail images that function as buttons on the web. Simply right click the thumbnail/button to get its address and upload it to photo bucket. Please be aware that the image will retain the size of the button and will lose quality if you try to enlarge it.

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