How to Tag Photos on Facebook

The social networking site Facebook allows users to label or tag photos to identify the people in the picture. If you see a funny or glamorous photo of yourself or a friend, you may want to tag the photo for the entire Facebook nation to see. The steps below will show you how to tag your photos.

Tag a Photo on Facebook

Go to the picture that you would like to tag. You may do this by simply clicking on the photo to bring up a large version of it. When you see the photo that you would like to tag, you will see Tag This Photo near the middle of the page, in blue font.

When you click on Tag This Photo, you will be directed to click on the face of the person who you would like to tag. This will allow the viewer of the photo to differentiate between the people in the picture if there are multiple subjects.

When you are finished, click Done Tagging. You may do this for all of the pictures that you would like to tag. The photos should now be tagged, and a notification will appear on the person's profile along with your name as the one who tagged.

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