How To Tag And Organize Your Photos on Flickr

Once you upload photos and videos to your account you can sort and organize you photos. You can also tag your photos, which is adding a headline or label to your photo. This allows you and other that will view your photos the ability to know the subject of the photos. Below are instructions on organizing and tagging photos that you have uploaded to your Flickr account. 


Step 1 - Go to "Organize"

To begin organizing your photos and/or video mouse over the "Organize" tab at the top of the home page. You can choose to organize all of your content, recently uploaded content, your sets or your map. For now you will click on "All Your Content" under the organize tab.

Step 2 - Select and Arrange Content

You will be directed to a screen that reads "Drag Items Here to Edit Them As a Batch". This is the page that allows you to edit and organize all of the content that you have uploaded to the website. At the top you have many options to organize and edit your photos and/or videos. You can edit the date, permissions, edit the photos, add to a set or add to a group. 

At this stage you will click on a photo and hold down the mouse button. This will allow you to "drag" photos onto the middle of the screen into the gray box. Once you have done this you can now edit and organize these photos. 

Step 3 - Organize by Batch

You can click on the option under the "Batch Organize" tab at the top of the screen. This will allow you to organize one photo at a time or you can organize many photos at the same time. 


Step 1 - Enter Tags

Once you have dragged the photos into the gray box on the screen you can add tags to these pictures. To add a tag click on the "Add Tags" button under the "Batch Organize" tab. A new window will open up on the screen so that you can enter text. When you tag a photo make sure that the tag represents the picture associated with the label. For example if you have a photos or group of photos that include your mother and father, a good tag will be "Mom and Dad". 

Step 2 - Add Tags

After you enter the text into the box click on the "Add Tags" button at the bottom of the box. The message "Tags Added" will display in a new box and you will click on the "Thanks" button to confirm that this has been done. 

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