How to Showcase Photos with Facebook Fan Pages

A Facebook fan page is a unique public profile that allows you to share your information and Facebook photos with the millions of other users on the social networking site. Fan pages can be used for a number of different reasons, including sharing your photos. Follow these steps to successfully upload and share your photos on a fan page.

Step 1 - Register

If you don't already have a Facebook account, create one now. This shouldn't take longer than a couple of minutes. Be prepared to enter your email address and a few personal details.

If you're already registered, log in so that you can start using the service.

Step 2 - Create Fan Page

Ceate a Fan Page by clicking the link on your main Facebook profile page. This will lead you to a tutorial page that explains more about fan pages and how they work.

Step 3 - Choose the Category

After the tutorial, you need to select a category. There are a number of different categories listed in a dropdown box.

Setup 4 - Set the Name

Now choose a name for your Facebook Fan page, and tick the box which says you are allowed to create the page. You will then need to sign the document by entering your full name.

Step 5 - Create the Page

Once you have entered all of the information and chosen a name for your Facebook Fan page you will then be able to click the Create Page button right at the bottom of the page. This button will allow you to create the page and it will instantly be sharable by anyone.

Step 6 - Customize Your Fan Page

Once you have created the Fan page and it's fully active, you can customize it. There are dozens of different settings that you can adjust depending on what you want to change. Editing the text on the fan pages, for example, is very easy. You can also upload photos by clicking the relevant buttons on the page. Uploading photos won't take long and this will also make it possible to easily show them to other people. People who don't know your profile will be able to find this page simply by searching.

Once the fan page has been customized and is full of your relevant information then you will need to click the button to save the changes. Then you can hand out the link to this page and allow people to access all of this information.

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