How to Set your Photobucket to Private

Photobucket is a free, online upload, sharing, linking and finding site for photos, graphics, images and videos. Anyone can set up a Photobucket account, which allows you to upload thousands of photo and about 1 hour of video. Once uploaded, your content can easily be shared with friends and family. They can gain access to your files through a link that you send them, meaning that they themselves do not need to set up an account.

Maintain Private Settings When in Use

It should be noted that when using Photobucket, you should maintain a private account for your photos and images and maintain that private setting at all times. If you fail to do so, you subject your images to the public domain, meaning that anyone with access to Photobucket can use your images to place it on any type of item, including t-shirts, coffee mugs and other types of novelty items.

How to Set Account to Private

In order to set your content to private in Photobucket, you need to set your content to private in the "Account Settings" page, which is also known as your default album. Simply log in, click the Account Settings menu in "My Home Page," and scroll to the section that you wish to change or modify.

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