How to Sell Prints Online through Flickr

If you want to sell prints online as a professional with Flickr, it can be very easy! Once you have all your photos online, structured and organized, you can begin to put together your own portfolio. Not only can this be a fun side project, but it doesn't have to take over your life and can be done in your spare time as a hobby.

Using a Blog

Creating a blog is not only easy, but fun to do. This could be a living journal of where you have been or things you have seen. This is great to use as a relaxation tool because it gives you a chance to enjoy a quiet moment. Creating a blog also gives you a chance to showcase your talents, subjects, themes, ideas, etc.

To do this, find or open a set that you want to use and click on the photo you want to use. At the top of the picture, near the center, is a button called 'Blog This,' click here. If this is the first time you've done so, a new balloon box will open saying that you haven't configured a blog. Go head and click the new link to set this up. Flickr offers quite a few blog sites,; if yours isn't listed, you can add it or use one you are comfortable with.

You will next be asked to enter your blog URL, user name and password. You can choose a template that reflects you or your designs or create something new. Follow the on-screen instructions for setting up your blog.

Sending Solicited Letters

This approach takes some research, but finding the right company to sell your work to could be accomplished in an afternoon. Make sure you do some preliminary work. Talking to receptionists will be your first hurdle on the front line of any companies defense. Being nice, respectful and quick will go a long way to paving the path to success.

Find out about letter formats and submission guidelines. Anything longer then a page might get tossed right off the bat. Keeping your letter direct, to the point, and with a few thumbnails of what they are looking for will go a long way. Remember these professionals get a lot of submissions in any given week and will usually make a decision within the first twenty seconds. Sending unsolicited, poorly composed, and bulky packages will most likely be trashed without reviewing.

Following these tips and ideas might land you the next big job as a creative consultant.

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