How to Rotate Pictures on Flickr

This article will explain how to rotate pictures on flickr.

If you took a digital photo with a portrait rather than a landscape orientation, you may find that the photo is incorrectly oriented once it imports to your computer. Rather than wasting time in a desktop photo editor, you can confront this issue within flickr.

Here is how...

Step 1: Log in to Flickr

Head over to Flickr and look for "Sign In" in the upper right hand corner. (Alternately, use this link.) Input your Flickr/Yahoo! login credentials and hit "Sign In" below the text boxes.

Step 2: Locate the offending photo

Head to your photostream (You > Your Photostream) and locate the picture, either by browsing to it or by using the search box in the upper right. Having found the picture, left-click on it to arrive at its individual photo page.

Step 3: Use flickr's rotate tool

Above the picture, find and choose the "ROTATE" tool. A splash dialog will appear over your picture, with two incomplete circle icons. Click either to rotate the image 90 degrees in the direction indicated. If you wish to invert your photo, click twice on on of the icons.

Once you have achieved a satisfying orientation, click "OK" to finalize.

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