How to Print Pictures and Create Books Online with WinkFlash

WinkFlash is a little known method that can be used to print pictures online. While this site might not be as popular as some of the bigger names it still offers some amazing services and great value for money. The prices are very competitive which makes it an attractive option for some people.

It's very easy to use WinkFlash to order photo books and prints. This shouldn't take long to do and when they are ordered they should also arrive very quickly.

Signing up for an Account

The first thing that you will need to do is visit the WinkFlash website and sign up for an account. This will be fairly simple and will involve entering your name, address and email address. The email address will typically be used as your user name.

Uploading Photos

Photos can then be uploaded onto WinkFlash using a software download, or alternatively by uploading them directly to the website. When the photos are uploaded you can then look at them and decide what it is you like about them.

Ordering Prints

When you are ready to print the photos then you will need to select the type of prints you want to order. If you are buying a photo book then you will need to organize the photos in the way that you want them to appear.