How to Organize Multiple Photos in Facebook

Facebook is incredibly easy to use and is a great place to share your photos with family, friends, and fellow professionals. In fact, it's so easy to upload photos that you can quickly find yourself uploading so much stuff that it can become difficult managing your work. However, Facebook makes it simple to organize photos.

Creating Albums

When you upload photos to Facebook you can either create and upload an entire album at once or you can add individual photos to existing albums. Facebook allows you to name your albums anything you want. So you can have your wedding album, your photos from work album, your summer album, subway adventures album, and any thing else you could think of.

In addition to creating your own albums, Facebook automatically creates albums for your profile pictures and mobile uploads. That means you can separate the photos on your cell phone from the ones you took with your digital camera. Your profile pictures are saved in the profile picture album so if you want to change the picture to one from last year you can just click on it instead of uploading again.

Organizing Albums

You might want to rearrange the pictures in your albums. Just go into your profile and click the photos tab. At the bottom of your photos page are the thumbnails for you albums. Click on the album you wish to organize.

A new page opens with the thumbnails of all the photos in your album. Above these thumbnails are several links, one of them is 'Organize Photos'. When you click on this you arrive at a new page where you can easily organize your photos. Simply drag the thumbnails in the order you want the pictures to appear.

In addition, you can also click on the tab that says 'delete' to delete the entire album. You can delete individual photos by clicking the edit photos tab where you can also add comments.

The delete option is directly under the thumbnail of the picture along with the option to make the photo the album's cover. Underneath those options is the option to move your photos to different albums. 

Making Albums Private

You might not want the whole world to see your photos. On the very top of your Facebook page is the 'settings' button. Roll over it and you will find the privacy settings option. Click it and then click 'Profile Information' on the next page. You can change the settings for who can view photos you've been tagged in along with who can view your individual albums.

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