How to Order Prints Online from Flickr

It is easy to order prints online of hard copies of pictures that you have on your computer. The social networking and photography sharing website Flickr can offer you the best of both worlds, offering both physical copies of your photos and a place to share them with your friends online. It is a much easier and cheaper solution than going to your local pharmacy to get your prints done and can be ordered on line through the following very easy process.

Step 1: Create a Yahoo! Account

The first step towards being able to order your photos online is to create a Yahoo! account.  This will be your login for your Flickr account. To create a Yahoo! account, go to  Click the "Sign up" button and fill in basic information.

Step 2: Create a Flickr Account

Go to and click the "Create Your Account" button. It will ask for your Yahoo! account information to sign in. Insert the your account information that you acquired from step one.

Next, you will be asked to choose a Flickr screenname. It is recommended that you use the same one as your Yahoo! ID so you will remember it.

Step 3: Upload Photos to Your Flickr Account

Now that you have your Flickr account up and running, you can upload the photos from your digital camera to it. Plug your camera into your computer and then hit the "Upload your first photo or video" button. Navigate to where your photos are located, click on the photos that you want uploaded to your account, and hit "Open." Keep in mind that you can only upload 6 photos at a time.

Once your photos are uploaded, you can add titles, descriptions and privacy settings to each of your photos.

Step 4: Order Photos Online Through Your Flickr Account

Once you have your photos uploaded onto your Flickr account, it is time to order your photos. Go to the "You" tab and select "My Then select "Privacy and permissions," and click the "Edit" button.

From here, click on the "Set up a printing link" tab. Choose which photos you would like to order. You can choose from any photo that you have uploaded already, so if you did not upload the ones you want to order, do that now. Click the photos that you want to order and hit "Order prints."  

After you order the prints, you will get to choose the size of the print and it will be added to your cart. Use your credit card information to pay for the prints and they will be shipped to you.

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