How to Move Photos From Flickr to Shutterfly

To move photos from Flickr to Shutterfly is not as hard as it sounds. By now, if you accidently click on the delete button, you get a confirmation before the files are really gone. Different services offer a wide array of different options; do research on each one to make sure that the particular service meets your needs.

Step 1: Open Flickr and Prepare Photos to Be Transferred

Log in to your Flickr account. At the top menu, click on the 'Organizer.' Open up your sets that you want to transfer or drag images up from the finder at the bottom of the screen to the center. From here, you can double click a file. When the next window opens right under the thumbnail, click on the 'Open Photo' page. Depending on your browser settings, this may open in another tab or window.

In the center above the picture is a button with all sizes, click there. Make sure you save each photo to the same area; this makes uploading a breeze in the next section. Rinse and repeat from here until you have all the files you want to transfer.

Step 2: Open Shutterfly and Select Files

Log in to your Shutterfly account. Once your logged in, near the upper left hand corner and right under the 'My Shutterfly' button, click on the 'Add Pictures.' From the next window that opens, you can organize your photos before you upload them. By default, you are given the date as the new folder. At the top, click on the 'Choose Files' button to open the 'Select Files' dialog box. You can select files by holding the CTRL key and left clicking on the file once. Alternately you can also use shift to grab them and clicking or by drawing a box then click open. From here you'll see a list of all your files to upload; if you need to, you can select one and rename it or remove one if it was a mistake to upload.

Step 3: Upload Photos

After you have your list, go ahead and click on start. You'll be given a status indicator on each file, depending on your internet speed this may take awhile. Once your photos are uploaded you'll be given an option to email what you just uploaded, post them to a social networking site or blog, or just close the window.

This process might take awhile, but in the end you'll have some new tools or just a different way to process your photos.

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