How to Manipulate Photos on Facebook

Users of the social networking site Facebook can employ a number of methods to manipulate the photos they upload to their pages. Internet users will agree that this may be the most popular social networking website in the world. Its members and their friends share photos and information each day, hour and sometimes each minute. There are a few applications and tricks within Facebook itself to manipulate photos allowing it's membership to fully enjoy and customize their profiles. Creating a custom slideshow, building a collage, or using an application to add effects is all possible by investing a little time, creative skill and imagination on Facebook.  


Presenting a slideshow is one creative way Facebook members can manipulate photos on their page. Slide, MagToo and Slideshow are just a few of the applications available to help website members create a special visual experience for their friends. Like a photo album, when presented on the site, an icon is seen with the first photo of the collection. In a slideshow, the icon contains a small play button which allows users to play your slideshow. Depending on the application used for this, a number of options are available to make the slideshow as unique as possible.

Photo Collages and Mosaics

Some Facebook members may need to display their photos with more of an artistic flair. Some applications like Photo Collage and Photo Mosaic may be helpful when trying to capture a dramatic element. The developers of these applications, make it easy to add photos, create a custom behavior, and post it on the website without confusing instruction or confusing directives.

To create a collage, the user simply links to the developers web site and, after given the user's permission, connects to that users photo gallery and automatically begins to construct the collage or mosaic. When prompted, the user can then assign the new photo display to his page.

Editing and Effects

There are several applications available that can help a Facebook member create a unique looking photo collection. For a substantial investment, Adobe Photoshop, or Apple's iPhoto are two applications which offer the user a large library of options to professionally alter photographs and give them high end artistic treatment. As an alternative, FotoMix, a free photo manipulator, allows the user to combine and manipulate different photos, create a wide selection of images, and remove or alter backgrounds at the click of the mouse. Users can also photo collages and montages.

Whatever the user chooses as their tool, there are applications available to make a photographic presentation stand out above the rest on Facebook. From taking an old colorless, childhood photo and making it vibrant and new, to adding yourself to one of your favorite movie posters, the creative possibilities are truly endless. Anyone willing to investigate will find the tools to creatively manipulate their photos working inside the Facebook environment or by using applications they find on the outside. Contact your friends and other member of Facebook who display their photos in interesting ways. Over time you will have a gallery everyone will envy.

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