How To Make Your Own Web Short Film

Video productions seem easier now than ever before, and the opportunities to display your own web short film have exploded with bursts of growth through the Internet. Whether you want to make a comedy piece, a suspense short or a moving documentary, there are some basic steps in creating an entertaining web short.

Step 1: Plan

The 3 keys to any successful short film are: plan, plan, plan. When you get to your location and you have people wondering what you want them to do, be ready to tell them. Know what you want and how you can get it. The time for agonizing over where you want to place the camcorder and how you want the actors to act is before you get there. What story do you want to tell? Do you have the ability to do it? Determine your capabilities, script your story, and layout a plan to film. Organize your shots according to your locations. Even though they may be separated throughout your story, shoot everything in one location while you're there. You can edit it in the scripted order later.
Step 2: Execute

Take your script and your shooting schedule, and go shoot it! Make sure you get everything while you're out in the field or on a location before you move on, but remember (especially if you're not paying people) that their patience may eventually run thin. Make the most of your opportunity, but don't wear out your cast or crew. Be reasonable, but get what you want.

Step 3: Edit

Once you have all your material shot, put it in order. Many edit systems are available, and some very good ones may be included in your computer software. Be sure your computer has the memory and capability before you run out and purchase that high-end edit program, but once you're ready, enter it into the computer. As you edit, there are times that your edits may be jarring. Sometimes that's effective; sometimes it's annoying. Convey the emotions and the story you want to convey. When the story is in order and seems to work, then you can add effects, like fades and dissolves. Screen your rough cut to a few select individuals who you trust, and get their opinions. When it is the film you wanted to make, add the credits, and don't leave anybody out.

Step 4: Release

If your computer is compatible with an edit system, look at your options for releasing it. There are many venues to release your videos, and two of the more accessible ones are YouTube and Vimeo. Look at the material on these two (or any others) and determine which would be best for you. With a standard account, most videos are 10 minutes or less. Pay attention to their guidelines. If you have a membership, you may be able to download longer pieces.

Most people who become accomplished in creative endeavors do it through passion and practice. Brilliance cannot be taught, but if you have that spark, these are some of the tips that will help you make the web short film that you envision and get it out to your audience.