How To Make Your Own Intro for Your Web Show

Anyone interested in creating their own web show which will be shown on the Internet needs to first come up with an introduction. The introduction is useful because it tells your audience about your show and helps them to decide whether or not they want to watch the whole thing. Making an introduction is very simple, and as long as you have the right equipment, this really shouldn't be an issue.

The key here is to make sure that the intro is as professional as possible. This should also add something to the film and should never be included just for the sake of it. It must serve a purpose, otherwise it will be a waste of your time.

Step 1: Preparing Equipment

The first thing that you need to do is prepare all of the equipment that you need to record your web show. This will differ depending on the different types of show that you are doing. Sometimes, you will be happy using a webcam and other times you might just want to use a video camera for higher quality results. The option that you choose will typically depend on your own preferences. There are no right or wrong answers and whatever you choose is fine.

Step 2: Writing the Intro

It's never a good idea to improvise anything because it will end up taking longer to get right. A much better idea is to write a script for the intro and rehearse it. This is even more important if you want to say something in particular or there are more than a couple of people in the intro.

If you don't want it to be scripted, then you could simply write down bullet points to jog your memory and help you to remember what you need to talk about.

Step 3: Setting up the Camera

If you are using a web cam, then the camera should be very easy to set up. Simply plug it into a USB port on your computer and position it so that it's eye level with you. This will allow your audience to make eye contact when they are watching the intro back. If you're working with a camcorder, then this will be slightly more difficult. To do this, you will need to mount the video camera on a tripod and aim it at yourself. By doing this, it should be much easier to get a video that looks professional and isn't blurry.

Step 4: Recording

Press record and then take a few moments to compose yourself before starting. Don't try to start as soon as you hit record because this will make it more difficult. By leaving a few seconds (or even minutes) in between hitting the record button and actually starting, it is much easier to do a good job. Say everything you want to and then wait for a second again. After this, hit the stop button.

Step 5: Editing

Load the video file onto your computer and use a video editing application to adjust the clip. Cut the start and end of the clip so that there isn't any wasted time. When this is done, you can save the video and upload it to your website.