How To Make It Big in Web Television

Entertainment has entered a new age with the advent of web television on the internet! There are key factors to help you if you want to make your mark in web television. Remember that there are things outside your control, like whether an audience will like your web show or how things will all come together, but if you know that you've got something great for the web, here are some important things to think about:

  •  Do you have something unique to offer?
  •  Can you deliver it?
  •  Is this what you really want?

A few things you'll need to get started are a good video camera, a tripod and a computer with Internet access.

Step 1: What Can You Offer?

The Internet has certain shows already, but you bring something new to the table. Generally, there are two areas to examine: material and method.  For material, look at the web show or episode you would like to create, and think if it's new or different. If somebody is already doing it, there's not much need for another one. Yet, perhaps you have a unique way of putting together your show. Maybe you have access to unusual locations. Capitalize on your strength, whether it is a brilliant new idea nobody has ever tried, or a different way of looking at something.

Step 2: Can You Do It?

If you want to do a travel show circling the globe, you'll need the means to travel. If you have a medieval drama, you'll need a castle or a suit of armor. One thing you can do that will help you start up a new web show is think about what you do have access to. You may be able to record what life is like in your area better than anyone else. It's valuable to shoot high, but it's also important to be honest and recognize your limitations. If you think you have a way around the limitations, it may be worth the effort to go for it. If people hadn't been willing to work past limitations, man would've never been able to fly. It's vital to see what you have, but (especially in this realm), it is also vital to dream big.

Step 3: Is It What You Want?

Be brutally honest. Truffaut said that making a movie is a lot like taking a stage coach journey; at first, you look forward to the ride, but halfway through, you just hope you'll get there alive. The entertainment market is extremely competitive, and along the way relationships can be injured and expenses (sometimes tremendous expenses) may be incurred. Weigh this heavily. Think about whether you have what it takes and whether you're willing to make the sacrifices necessary to make it big.

Ultimately, there are two elements you have no control over-timing and luck. The right idea at the right time will generally hit. But, whether or not you will be lucky enough to make it big is another issue. Again, be honest. If you're willing to make the sacrifices, give it your best. Anything less won't make it.